Why Okotoks is an Ideal Town to Move to, Even for Builders from Calgary

With problems concerning affordable houses in Calgary, it’s no surprise that several prefer a more cost-effective suburban lifestyle, specifically in towns like Okotoks. As the number of people searching for a place in suburban communities increase, leading Okotoks home builders are becoming busier than ever. Now, the question is: Is Okotoks a nice place to live in?

Located only a few kilometers south of Calgary’s city limits, Okotoks is a town of only about 25,000 people. With that population figure, the town is an ideal place for residents who wish to be more involved with the community. Okotoks is not one of those sleepy little towns as there are plenty of recreational, shopping, and wellness centres to choose from, not to mention fine restaurants to dine in and three local golf courses among others.


Calgary Home Builders Are Up to the Challenge

Due to the rising demand for new homes in the area, Calgary home builders are rolling up their sleeves and digging in their heels in what’s shaping up to be a housing boom, the likes of which they haven’t seen since 2006. The industry seems to be responding well, but things haven’t been easy thus far.

Manpower shortage

One concern which is compounding the situation is the lack of skilled labor. Within the last decade, an aging skilled workforce forced local government together with the Canadian Home Builders Association – Calgary Region to entice young people to consider enrolling in trade school. Other steps included promotional visits to local schools and sponsorship-backed training camps for interested youngsters. Their efforts have paid off, but not enough to meet the growing demand. Continue reading

How Much Home Do You Need?

When planning to have a home built, many people fail to consider the space. In some cases, they think they need so much more than they actually do, and thus they end up paying a lot more while getting very little utility out of it. So what exactly should you be thinking about when planning your home’s dimensions?


The first thing you should think about is the size of your family. Even if it’s just you and your partner right now, you should plan ahead and allot enough space for the number of children you want to have. You can either allow them to have their own rooms or make them share space. Aside from kids, you should also think about any elderly relatives who might stay with you. Continue reading

Reliable Okotoks Home Builders Create a Family Friendly Community

Children can have fun in the community playgrounds and learn in the nearby schools. They can even have the best of both worlds in local programs like the 1st Okotoks Scouts. The group has been teaching kids survival skills and practical life lessons for 60 years running.

The whole family can also enjoy activities together. There is the Kite Festival in Riverside Park that even families from Foothills and Calgary participate in. Various other events and activities are held throughout the year to keep the community life vibrant.

Top Okotoks Home Builders Develop Subdivision Minutes from Rec Centre

Living in a small town with a big city feel has many benefits. Okotoks is one such town, and accessibility to the town’s many amenities is one major benefit that makes living here such a blissful experience. As the town’s prime real estate development, Ranchers’ Rise at Okotoks Air Ranch is quite literally minutes away from everything. The development, which features homes by the three top Okotoks home builders, is no more than 10 minutes away from the town’s well-equipped community recreational centre.

Okotoks Recreational Centre, which sits on the end of Wylie Athletic Park nuzzling the corner of Milligan and Okotoks drives, is managed by the Town of Okotoks, and is open daily to anyone who wants to use the centre’s many facilities. These include a state of the art gym run in partnership with Natural High Fitness & Athletics, pools and hot tubs at the Aquatic Centre, air hockey and billiards tables at the Okotoks Youth Centre, and two arenas with indoor rinks for year-round hockey