Why Okotoks is a Great Place to Raise a Family

Set against a backdrop of rolling hills and magnificent mountain views, Okotoks is popular among locals and tourists alike for its unique fusion of rustic and modern attractions. Where else can one join a genuine beekeeping tour and then go to a restaurant for a bite to eat? These same qualities also make it a wonderful place to build a home, and here are three compelling reasons why: Continue reading


Why Live in Okotoks?

Building your home offers many perks, chief among which is the ability to design your house exactly the way you want it. Of course, home design is only one part of the equation; you also have to decide where the best place is to build it.

Fortunately, the town Okotoks in Alberta has become one of the best communities to live in, as evidenced by its 42.9% population growth from 2006-2011. Below are just a few reasons why you should consider calling this place home: Continue reading

Characteristics of Tudor Architecture

Tudor-style architecture, which can be seen in some housing developments near Calgary, is a popular design motif among aspiring homeowners, and is one of several styles professional home builders specialize in. Tudor architecture originated in England in the 1500s, during the Tudor Dynasty. Below are the inherent characteristics of this architecture.

One of the most distinctive features of Tudor architecture is the stark black and white effect (which reminds one of Shakespearean-era houses) due to the exposed wooden frames. In England, the town of Lavenham in Suffolk, for example, is littered with Tudor-style houses. Continue reading

Moving to Your Own Home in Canada

Canada has consistently been included in many lists of top ten best countries in the world, with some of its cities getting the top spots for the most livable and cleanest cities. Unsurprisingly, this country of maple leaves and mountain ranges attracts immigrants from all over the world. As their population grows, so does the demand for housing in Canada’s cities and suburbs.

Being a mecca for migrants creates a welcoming multi-ethnic environment for Canada, one that accepts diversity and respects the customs and traditions of each person. As such, the country has gained popularity as one of the world’s best family-oriented destinations. Continue reading

Calgary Home Builders Are Up to the Challenge

Due to the rising demand for new homes in the area, Calgary home builders are rolling up their sleeves and digging in their heels in what’s shaping up to be a housing boom, the likes of which they haven’t seen since 2006. The industry seems to be responding well, but things haven’t been easy thus far.

Manpower shortage

One concern which is compounding the situation is the lack of skilled labor. Within the last decade, an aging skilled workforce forced local government together with the Canadian Home Builders Association – Calgary Region to entice young people to consider enrolling in trade school. Other steps included promotional visits to local schools and sponsorship-backed training camps for interested youngsters. Their efforts have paid off, but not enough to meet the growing demand. Continue reading